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Friday, January 4, 2019

Facing accusations with triumph meditation John chapter 7:11-20

1. The Jews were searching for Christ in the feast. (V11)
2. Some people said he is a Good man but some said Christ was deceiving people. (V12)
3. But nobody spoke openly fearing the Jews. (V13)
4. In the middle of the feast Jesus taught in the temple.(v14)
5. The Jews marvelled how he knew all letters without learning. (V15)
6. Jesus told them that the doctrine he is preaching is not his but of the one who sent him. (V16)
7. Jesus said if any man do the will of God then he will understand whether the doctrine is of God or of man. (V17)
8. If one speaks about himself he is seeking his own glory, but if he seeks the glory of the one who sent him, he is true and there is no unrighteousness in him. (V18).
9. Jesus asked why they do not keep the law and  go about trying to kill him, though Moses gave the law. (V19)
10. The people asked why they would want to kill him and that he has a devil. (V20)

Doing the will of God:
Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.
If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

Many a times we too question the doctrine of CHRIST whether it is truly from God.

May be because it is so different from our ways?
May be because it is very different from the norm?
May be because it is too supernatural that natural minds cannot comprehend?

Whatever be it, the word of God says we will never be able to accept this doctrine of CHRIST unless we submit ourselves to do God's will.  You can read more about the will of God in my previous post.

The WORD of GOD says,

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

Meaning take the chocolate, unwrap it, put in your mouth and then only we can taste... and see it.
Same way, give your life to God, hear his words and become a doer of his words and then only we can know who God is.

For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass:

For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them, I will shew you to whom he is like:

He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock.

But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great.

Jesus wants us not only to hear from him but also do according to the will of God. Dear Child of God,
If we are his sheep we will hear the shepherd's voice and we will follow him.  I pray that the spirit of God will enlighten us to hear God's voice and obey.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:


What to do when we are falsely accused
In this chapter Jesus was accused as being a devil. What more can a person get.

I am going to explain how we are to face accusations in the light of the scriptures.

Sanctify the Lord in your hearts having a good conscience:

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:
1 Peter:3:15

Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.
1 Peter:3:16

Please go through the previous post on dealing with offense for further meditation on handling accusations.
God be with you. May the good Lord keep your whole body, spirit and soul blameless till his coming. Amen.

 1. Rest assured! Being accused of being bad is normal.

2. Understand there is a demon behind and come quickly under the wings of God.

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

3. When our master himself was accused and endured; we will also endure and come out of it. We are on the victory side.

For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.

4. Accusing is the roar of devil.... we have the Lion of Judah with us. Today I pray that every mouth of such lions be shut in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

 To god be the glory . Amen.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Levels of faith - Meditation John 6:1-15

1. Jesus went over the sea of Galilee and multitudes followed him for miracles. (V1,2)
2. Jesus went up the mountain with his disciples. The Jewish Passover feast was about to come ( V3,4)
3. Jesus looking at big crowd of people and asked Philip, where they  can buy food for all of them to eat. ( V5)
4. Jesus knew what he was about to do, but still asked of him to prove him. ( V6)
5. Philip answered that bread worth two hundred penny will not be enough for so many. (V7)
6. Simon Peter said there was a lad having five barley loaves and two small fishes but it is not sufficient for many. ( v8,9)
7. Jesus told the men to sit down on the grass and they were 5000. (V10)
8. Jesus took the bread and gave thanks and told the disciples to distribute.  They did the same with the fish too. (V11)
9. After they all ate Jesus told them to collect the remaining fragments(v12)
10. They collected 12 baskets with the fragments of the barley bread (v13)
11. The men who saw the miracles said he is a prophet who came into the world. (V14)
15. They intended to take Christ forcibly and make him a king. But he moved away(v15)

1. Levels of Faith:
 Let us see the three levels as portrayed in this meditation.

Level of faith 1:
Seeing impossibilities:

This is how Philip viewed the situation.
Philip answered him, Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them may take a little.

Philip saw the situation with physical eyes.
Philip answered him, Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them may take a little.

Zacharias saw his impossibility

And Zacharias said unto the angel, Whereby shall I know this? for I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years.

Abraham saw his impossibility:
Then Abraham fell upon his face, and laughed, and said in his heart, Shall a child be born unto him that is an hundred years old? and shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear?

Level of faith 2:
Simon Peter  knew what he had.

One of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, saith unto him,
There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?

Widow of zeraphath:
And she said, As the LORD thy God liveth, I have not a cake, but an handful of meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a cruse: and, behold, I am gathering two sticks, that I may go in and dress it for me and my son, that we may eat it, and die.
1 Kings:17:12

Level of faith 3:
Knowing what God can do:
Jesus knew what he was about to do.
And Jesus took the loaves; and when he had given thanks, he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to them that were set down; and likewise of the fishes as much as they would.

Elijah knew what God can do

For thus saith the LORD God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the LORD sendeth rain upon the earth.
1 Kings:17:14

 According to our faith let us obey and see miracles.
And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.

Let us examine our lives if we are like the barley breads that we are able to feed the multitudes.
And when Gideon was come, behold, there was a man that told a dream unto his fellow, and said, Behold, I dreamed a dream, and, lo, a cake of barley bread tumbled into the host of Midian, and came unto a tent, and smote it that it fell, and overturned it, that the tent lay along.

GOD compares Gideon to the barley bread.. that was baked on both sides. came rolling and hit the midianite camps..

God wants us to be like these breads made from the word of God and of the Holy Spirit that will crush the camps of the enemy.

 Also the little we have let us give to Jesus... he will make it a blessing to many. Amen.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

GIVE ME A DRINK - Meditation john 4: 7-14

1. A woman came from Samaria to draw water from the well, to whom Jesus asked to give him a drink( v7)
2. The woman asked him how he can ask water from her as he was a Jew and she was from Samaria ( v 9)
3. Jesus answered if she knew who he was and the gift of God then she would have asked him for the living waters. (V10)
4. The woman asked Christ how he can give her water as the well is deep and he had nothing to draw with. ( v11)
5. She asked him if he was greater than Jacob as he gave drink not only to himself but also to the cattle and children. ( v12)
6. Jesus said to her that whoever drinks this water ( physical) shall thirst again. but whoever drinks of the water Christ gives shall never thirst again. (V13)
7. Because the water that CHRIST gives shall be like a well of water springing up to eternal life ( v14)

1. Jesus asked the woman " Give me to drink".
Christ is asking of something he expects to be within the Samaritan woman. What is it?
Many a times our soul is like a parched ground. Have you ever felt something missing in your life, deep down inside...??
Do you feel empty inside when you possess every kind of blessings you can name??
This is how it feels when our soul is dry like a parched ground,
 thirsting for the living waters.
Christ refers to the Holy Spirit as the living waters, drawn from the wells of salvation.  Let us look into the scriptures below,

For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring:

Here the Holy Spirit is referred to water.

Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Here salvation refers to the wells deep inside of us.

This is what CHRIST referred to , when he asked for a drink from the Living waters.

Let us see more examples:
Christ wants his bride to not only draw water for him but also for multitudes

Behold, I stand by the well of water; and it shall come to pass, that when the virgin cometh forth to draw water, and I say to her, Give me, I pray thee, a little water of thy pitcher to drink;

And when she had done giving him drink, she said, I will draw water for thy camels also, until they have done drinking.

Rebecca chosen by the servant as a bride for Isaac is a Revelation of how CHRIST chooses his bride too.
 A chosen generation filled with springs of living waters, filled with the Holy Spirit, whose waters flow outside and quinches the thirst of many.

And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.

Yes, when the Spirit of God fills us and we are led by him continuously we will be like a well watered garden with springs of water which fails

1. Same like Nicodemus she could only see the physical side and was asking how Jews can interact with Samaritans. (V9)
2. Jesus talks to her about Salvation as the Gift of God. (V10)
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
4. Christ further explains that the water that CHRIST gives, meaning the Spirit of God springs in us as a river that never dries up.

There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.
And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

God puts this river into us... that we will be beaming with this living waters.
He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

So today is the day! Is your soul like a parched ground? Dry and empty? Ask of christ and out of your belly shall living waters flows that you will never be thirsty again. (V10)

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Temple of the Most High God. Meditation John 2: 12-17

1. After this CHRIST went to capernaum and then to Jerusalem as the Jewish Passover was about to take place. ( v12,13)
2. In the temple he found people selling Ox, sheeps and doves and changers of money seated there. (V14)
3. Looking inside the temple, Jesus made a scourge with small cords and drove them all out, they that sold the oxen and doves and poured out the money of the money changers and overturned their tables. ( v15)
4. And he said unto them, to take those things thence and not to make his father's house a house of merchandise. (V16)
5. And his disciples remembered that which is written in the word that the zeal of the Lord has eaten Me up. (V17)

 Life Application:
1. If Jesus enters into his temple (ie. Us- you and me) what can he see?

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
1 Corinthians:3:16

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
1 Corinthians:6:19

If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.
1 Corinthians:3:17

Our God is the same Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
The WORD of GOD says,
For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:

My brethren, my sisters, HOW IS YOUR HEART? How is your temple of God?
Allow the spirit of God to search your inner reins .... he will Speak to you.

2. How much does God value his temple?
A. God is there in his holy temple.

The LORD is in his holy temple, the LORD's throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men.

In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.

B. We behold the beauty of the Lord, enquire of him and speak of his glory in his holy temple.

One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple.

The voice of the LORD maketh the hinds to calve, and discovereth the forests: and in his temple doth every one speak of his glory.

C. The temple is the place of prayer.

When my soul fainted within me I remembered the LORD: and my prayer came in unto thee, into thine holy temple.

 What does GOD do when he sees his temple defiled?
1. According to the old testament people died when they defiled the tabernacle of God.

Thus shall ye separate the children of Israel from their uncleanness; that they die not in their uncleanness, when they defile my tabernacle that is among them.

2. The zeal of the Lord is kindled.

Wherefore, as I live, saith the Lord GOD; Surely, because thou hast defiled my sanctuary with all thy detestable things, and with all thine abominations, therefore will I also diminish thee; neither shall mine eye spare, neither will I have any pity.

Thus shall mine anger be accomplished, and I will cause my fury to rest upon them, and I will be comforted: and they shall know that I the LORD have spoken it in my zeal, when I have accomplished my fury in them.

The zeal of God had consumed him as his enemies have forgotten the works of God.

For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up; and the reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me.

This is the prophetic fulfilment of what Christ did in John 2:2-5.

 Life Application 3:

Christ is God in flesh. One side, he is God full of zeal for his temple, that he could not stop making a scourge to cleanse the temple of GOD.

On the other hand, he is the Lamb of God, who came to shed his blood to cleanse the temple of yours and mine.

Hallelujah! Christ was scourged that our temple be cleansed.

And they shall mock him, and shall scourge him, and shall spit upon him, and shall kill him: and the third day he shall rise again.

Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Jesus took the chastisement of my peace. He was bruised that I will be cleansed inside out.

Dear Child of the most high God,
Today you might have defiled your temple with every filth the world can offer. But today is the day. Allow Christ to cleanse your temple. If not, there will be a day when he will come  with the scourge...Yes! There is a day of judgement . your situation will be miserable that day... Don't take the Grace of God for granted.

God bless you.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Abiding in Christ: A Meditation John 1:35-42

1. John the next day again confesses Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the Lamb OF GOD in front of his own disciples.  (V35, 36)
2. Hearing this witness of John two of his own disciples turned away from him to follow Jesus. ( v37)
3. Seeing them following, jesus asked them what they were seeking? The disciples asks him for his dwelling place?( v38)
4. They not only dwelt with him but also ABIDED with him for a day. ( v39)
5. One of the person to follow Jesus was Andrew. (V40)
6. The first thing he did once he was conviced himself, that Christ is the Messiah, he immediately informs his brother Simon Peter. ( v41)
7. When Andrew brought Peter to Jesus, he behold ( looks straight into his life) and prophesied on him, that he will no more be Simon the SON of Jona but he will be cephas...meaning a STONE. ( v42)

Life Application:
1. John had his own disciples, but still he never hesitated to glorify Christ in front of them. How are we when compared to John ?
2. Do we feel insecure when someone close to us leaves us and go? How do we react? V37.
3. We have decided to follow Christ. What will be our answer to the question WHAT SEEK YE?
4. The WORD of GOD says in psalms 91:1, that
He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
It is revealed to me that Jesus is the secret place of the most high, that the disciples dwelt.
5. The glory of CHRIST is so strong that you do not want to just dwell there, but you want to abide there all the day.
6. Oh, if we can only dwell in that secret place and abide in the presence of CHRIST, how much more can Christ reveal himself to us as he did for Andrew?
7. Immediately after he was revealed of Christ, Andrew started evangelizing to his brother Simon Peter, a close family member and brought him to Jesus.
8. When Peter came to Jesus, his life changed totally including his name.
Do we seek, dwell and abide in the presence of God so much, that we get deep revelations about Christ?
Do we advertise CHRIST and bring people to him?
How much our lives have changed after we met Christ as compared to Peter?

Let the spirit of God shed his lights into our hearts as he minister unto us, through these words. Amen.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

JESUS CHRIST the LAMB OF GOD . A Meditation John 1:29-34

1. John the next day professes Christ as the LAMB OF GOD which takes away the sins of the world. ( v29)
2. Again John exalts Christ that he is the one to be preferred.  (V30)
3. John came to baptise with water that CHRIST will be made manifest to Israel (v31)
4. John says, Christ was revealed to him after the holy spirit descended from heaven like a dove on him and ABODE on him. (V32-33)
5. It was revealed to John that CHRIST is the one who baptiseth with the Holy Spirit. (V33)
6. John bears record that CHRIST is the SON of God.  (V34)

Life Application:
1. How is CHRIST revealed to us?
2. Can we see him as the LAMB OF GOD which takes away the sins of the world?
3. How is our perception  in exalting Christ?
4. Are we clear with the roles God has given us in the Kingdom of God as compared to John as he baptised with water?
5. What is our perception of Baptism?
6. Did we receive the baptism in water as a symbol of remission of sins?
7. Did we experience the much higher standard of being baptised by the HOLY SPIRIT which only Jesus can give?
8. Do we bear record that  Christ is the SON of GOD?

My dear brothers and sisters,
If you are not assured of your sins being washed away by the blood of the LAMB OF GOD, jesus Christ of Nazareth, today is the day. Confess your sins and allow him to cleanse you by his blood.

If you are a Christian assured of this experience of salvation but still has not been water  immersion baptised, make a decision to get it done the way CHRIST has set an example for us.

After the water immersion baptism, if you have not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, ask and you shall receive. It is CHRIST who baptises you with fire. Ask and you shall receive  the Holy Spirit to the fullness of your joy.

May God bless you.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The WORD became flesh : A Meditation John 1: 1- 5

1. Jesus is THE WORD.
2. He was in there in the beginning in the form of the word.
3. Jesus was there in the beginning when the world was created in the form of THE WORD.
4. Everything on Earth is made by him, through him and for him.
5. He is life.
6. This life in Jesus is a light to all men.
7. Where this light (life) is,  there can be no darkness.
8. This is one light that darkness can never swallow.

1. Can we equate the Holy scriptures  to Christ Jesus who came in flesh?
2. Do we still live in darkness not allowing the light of Christ to shine through us?
3. If light is life then darkness is death. Which side are we.?
Let this word of God work in us and through us that we will be able to walk in the light as children of the most high God.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Chapter -3


          The word Messiah gets its origin from the Hebrew word, (maw-shakh'), meaning “the anointed one”. This got the name, Christos when it was transliterated to the Greek in the New Testament. Since the first century AD the word “Christ” originating from the Greek word “Christos”, is being used to describe Jesus of Nazareth, as the “anointed one” of the Lord.

Ø  The Lord God anointed Jesus, to preach good tidings to the meek. Because of this anointing, THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD was upon Jesus. (Isaiah 61:1)

1.      The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;
2.      To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;
3.       To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.

God anointed Jesus with Holy Spirit and power. (Acts 10:38)
38 How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.

Jesus explains about the Holy Spirit as the Comforter and the Spirit of truth in John 14:16, 17;
 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;
 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

The Holy Spirit was sent by God the Father himself, when Jesus prayed to him. (John 15:26)
But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

Jesus had to depart for the spirit of God to be sent unto us. (John 16:7)
 Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

Jesus Christ himself is the one who baptizeth us with the Holy Spirit. (John 1:32, 33)
32 And John bare record, saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon him.
33 And I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Spirit is given to a person when he believes. (John 7: 38, 39)
38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.
39 (But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)

The Revelation behind the garden of Gethsemane:

Jesus Christ had to depart to his father, so that the Holy Spirit can be poured on the one who believes. (John 14:16; 16:7); But for this reason, Jesus had to pay a bigger price. He had to bear the agony of the cross, the sins of the whole world, upon him, shedding his blood as a ransom for our sins. (Hebrews 10:14-22). He bore our griefs and carried our sorrows. He was wounded and bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon him as in (Isaiah 53:4, 5)
Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

The Mount of Olives, where Jesus spent his last night praying, (Matt 26:36) was named Gethsemane. (Gat shemen meaning a “press of oil” in Hebrews), for the numerous Olive groves, and Olive oil presses at its base. Jesus Christ was crushed, (Psalms 22; Matthew 36: 38, 39) on this Mount of Olives, so that the exquisite oil of the Holy Spirit was poured out from him.
When Jesus was crucified, water poured out from his side, denoting the Holy Spirit as it is explained in John 19:34;
But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.

The Holy Spirit and the resurrection of Christ:

The Holy Spirit was the power behind the resurrection of Christ.
But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you. Romans 8:11

After the resurrection of Jesus, He told his disciples to wait and pray till they receive power from heaven, i.e. the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high. Luke 24:49

And this verse came to pass when the disciples waited in the upper room as in Acts 2:1-4
1And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.
And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting.
And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.
And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Jesus, the God and Man

Jesus, the God and Man

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Learn more about how the word became flesh as Jesus and manifested unto us, in this study on 1st John Chapter 1.
Through this chapter John is proclaiming about how Jesus who is God came as a Man in flesh and how we can live a sinless life through our fellowship with him.
Scroll down to know more…...
The word of God became Flesh:

1.      It was prophesied about the birth of Jesus in the beginning (i.e.) from the time God created heaven and earth, John knew it was true because he had seen, heard and touched Jesus. The Word of God became flesh as Jesus. (1 John 1:1)

2.      The life appeared as Jesus. He clothed himself in the form of flesh for each of us and died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. Thus giving us eternal life. This eternal life was with the Father, but now manifested to us, through Jesus. (1John 1:2)
Fellowship with Jesus

3.      John is sharing this, so that we would also enter into a relationship with Jesus like himself…...and does have fellowship with the father and his son Jesus Christ. ( 1 John 1:3)

4.      As Christ resides in our hearts our Joy is full (1 John 1:4)

5.      John declares what he experienced in Jesus, as Jesus being the purest form and is full of light. In him there in no trifle of sin. (1 John 1:5)

6.      But if we walk in the light, having Jesus as our guide, God is faithful to transform us into a Christ like image i.e to live in peace with one another and love others just the way Christ loves us. The blood of Jesus Christ washes away all our sins. (1 John 1:7)

7.      John also explains us that, if we claim to have fellowship with Jesus and yet continue living in sin, we are lying as we are not abiding in his word and still walking In darkness (1 John 1:6)

8.      There is none in the world who has not sinned and if anybody claims to be sinless, we are deceiving ourselves and we are not living in the truth. (1 John 1:8,10)

9.      But we have a Father who is faithful to forgive our sins and make us righteousness if we confess it to him. ( 1 John 1:9)
A Final Word:
               The word of God became flesh as Jesus Christ. If you have not entered into a fellowship with this God who came in flesh and still living a life of SIN AND DARKNESS, then invite him into your heart and this is your day of salvation. Jesus came to give you LIFE AND LIFE IN ABUNDANCE.
 If you are struggling with strain relationships, invite Jesus into your heart and ask him to help you to love others the way he loved us and help you to abide in his word.
Lastly, if you feel you have no sin, CHECK OUT; you may be on the danger grounds of self righteousness as in (   (1 John 1:8,10) ; Confess your sins and God is faithful enough to make you whole….. Let the love of Christ abide in you. Amen.     


Friday, December 26, 2014

Emmanuel – God is with us ( Matt 1: 18-23)
Christmas is in the air and the joy of Christmas is all around. It’s a wonderful time for family get together and enjoying the season with loved ones. But on the other side of the world, there are still people wondering if, it is just another Christmas of loneliness and pain.  There can be nothing in the whole world more heart wrecking than the pain of loneliness and rejection. Coping with these emotional distresses may mean a big price to pay and at times you may never want to invite a festive season in your life or to make things worse, you may even want to give up on life than taking these.
You may be trying to hide these feelings behind the shadows of anger, resentment or unhealthy habits and wreck yourself more. Rejection is painful. And so is loneliness and shame. Everyone wants to be accepted and loved. Nobody wants to be a left out, in a big world around. This is what King David describes in Psalms 69 as miry depths where there is no foot hold. He describes it as deep waters and flood engulfing him.
He explains his shame as below,
20 Reproach hath broken my heart; and I am full of heaviness: and I looked for some to take pity, but there was none; and for comforters, but I found none.
                                                                                                           Psalms 69: 20
If you can identify yourself with David, then this message is for you. God wants to deliver you from the grip of loneliness, rejection, and shame. If you are haunted by these feelings and is held up in a maze trying to work your way out, remember you are not alone. We have a savior who has gone before us, in the same path.  He is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. What can be more painful than to hang alone on a cross (a cross by itself a symbol of shame) battered and buffeted? Jesus was born to die. He lovingly embraced his cross, so that he can identify himself with your loneliness and pain.
His name is Emmanuel – meaning God is with us. God came down to sympathize with us and love us in a personal, intimate way. He is not a distant God. He has taken victory over rejection, loneliness and shame and he can set you free. As you sit and cry, drenched in your tears, he is there waiting to take away your pain. Are you wondering, you don`t have a shoulder to cry upon? This Jesus Christ of Nazareth can identify himself with you. He loves you and cares for you. 
This is what the word of God says about him in Isaiah 9:6-7
For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Of the greatness of his government and peace
    there will be no end.
He will reign on David’s throne
    and over his kingdom,
establishing and upholding it
    with justice and righteousness
    from that time on and forever.
The zeal of the Lord Almighty
    will accomplish this.
·         So, run into his arms and cry out that you need him. He will speak to you and comfort you through his word.
·         He is Almighty God El – Shaddai. He can turn your mourning into dancing.
·         His name is Jehovah Shalom, the God of Peace. He will be the same to you.
·         Feeling lonely and rejected? Jesus can be your very best friend… as he is your maker and creator.
Cheer up my friend….. Let this Christmas mark a new beginning in your life with a lasting  companionship with Emmanuel. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New year 2015.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Know more about the mighty spirit of God in you

1.      He is the spirit of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth – Ephesians 3:16
2.      He is the spirit of god descending from heaven – I Corinthians 2:12
3.      This holy spirit of God can strengthen our inner man - Ephesians 3:16
4.      The spirit of God searches and Knows the Heart and mind of God - I Corinthians 2:11
5.      The spirit of God gives power and wisdom to our words - I Corinthians 2: 13,5
6.      The spirit of God reveals Jesus to us  - John 15:26
7.      The spirit of God helps us to pray – Romans 8:26
8.      The spirit of God helps us to pray according to the father`s will – Romans 8:27
9.      The spirit of God is a mighty warrior and he fights our battles for us - Isaiah 28:2, 6
10.  The spirit of God is a right judge – Isaiah 28:6
11.  The spirit of God convicts – John 16:8
12.  The spirit of God empowers us to witness Christ – acts 1:8
13.  The spirit of God is a comforter – John 14:26
14.  The spirit of God is a great teacher – John 14:26
15.  The spirit of God reminds us of all things in the word of God – John 14:26
16.  The spirit of God is zealous for us – James 4:5
17.  The spirit of God gives life – 1 peter 3;18
18.  The spirit of God makes us know that we abide in him and he in us – 1 John 4:13
19.  The spirit of God is the spirit of power, love and sound mind – 2 Timothy 1:7
20.  The spirit of God is a spirit of adoption that makes us call God abba father –
Rom 8:15

If we humble our self and open our hearts and invite this mighty spirit of God to stay in us, this mighty spirit of God is faithful to come and stay in us and change our lives according to Revelations 3:20. God bless.