The Downfall of Man and Redemption

The Downfall of Man and Redemption
   Dear all wish you all a blessed day, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! All of us at one point in life question our identity, who we are and why we are on this planet called Earth, who made us, who is Satan and so on. Hope today’s blog will at least be an answer for some of your questions in the light of the scriptures. This is what has been revealed to me and I hope it will be of use for you too.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. (Gen 1:1).  When God created the heavens and the earth first, it was a very wonderful place. But, after Satan fell on Earth, it lost all its beauty as described in (Genesis 1:2). Earth lost its form and the spirit of God was just hovering over the waters (Genesis 1:2). The age between Gen 1:1 and 1:2 must be many years. (This is called gap theory; still a lot of debate is going on). It is assumed that only during this time, a lot of things described in Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14, had happened.

Who is SATAN?
Satan @ Lucifer is the son of morning (Isaiah 14:12).He was an anointed Cherub created to cover the throne of God. (Ezekiel 28: 14). He was walking in the midst of the stones of fire. (Ezekiel 28: 14). He was created with pipes and tab rets in him (Ezekiel 28: 13). Hence he was believed to be the leader of worship in heaven. He was in Eden in the garden of God (Ezekiel 28: 13). He was covered with various precious stones (Ezekiel 28: 13)

Satan`s downfall:

Everything went on well till, He said in his heart that he will ascend to the heavens and lift his throne above the stars of God. (Isaiah 14:13). He said he will sit upon the mount of the congregation. (Isaiah 14:13). He said he will ascend himself above the clouds and be like the most high God. (Isaiah 14:14). He lifted his heart and said that he is God and he set his heart as that of God (Ezekiel 28:2).Because of this iniquity, the word of God says, He fell down from heaven (Isaiah 14:12). He was brought down to hell, to the pit (Isaiah 14:15), (Isaiah 14:9 to 11). He was thrown out of heaven and his destiny is written more in (Isaiah 14: 15 – 20 and Ezekiel 28: 7- 10: 16-20)

Downfall of Man:
God created Man in his own image so that he can have dominion over everything on Earth. (Genesis 1: 26). Satan being a fallen angel wanted the worship of man and wanted man to lose his good relationship with God, so that he can deceive the whole mankind to hell. So he plotted a plan to deceive Adam and eve in Genesis 3. So when Adam and eve ate the fruit, their spirit man died (1 Corinthians 15: 20, 21) and they can no longer enter heaven, as they lost the life of God in them. This is when God cursed the devil in (Genesis 3:15). This same devil is now roaming around the world like a roaring lion, looking for whom he can devour and take them to hell.        (Peter 5:8)

Character of Devil:
Some works of the enemy against our lives are given below;
He is a liar and father of lies. (John 8:44). He is the accuser of brethren. (Zechariah 3:1). He is a tempter (Matthew 4). He comes to steal, kill and destroy (john 10:10). He makes you seek the things of man and not of God (Matthew 16:23). He is the prince of the world (John 14:30). He is the Power of death (Hebrews 2:14). He can transform himself into an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). He is a deceiver (Genesis 3:13). Satan can bind people. (Luke 13:16). He can blind the eyes of people from not knowing truth. (2 Timothy 2:26). He is a betrayer. (John 6:70). He can make us sin against God. (1 John 3:8). He can inflict fear in the hearts of people (Hebrews 2:15). Hence, if you can identify any of these in your life, it is high time to check them.

Redemption of Man:
There was an old law in Leviticus 17: 11; that only blood can wash away sins of people. To fulfill this law and to fulfill God`s plan in Genesis 3: 15; God sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross that the blood of Jesus can wash away all the sins of Mankind (I john 1: 7). Jesus died on the cross and thus crushed the head of Satan again as a man. It is written in (1 John 3:8) that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. He also opened the doors of heaven, so that man can be made holy by his blood and can enter heaven and be with God forever. So it is only Jesus Christ, the God who came in flesh, can help us out of the snares and grips of the devil.

Prayer of salvation:
If you have not been washed by the blood of Jesus, then your sins are not forgiven and you are still under the control of Satan and deemed to hell. If you want this new life in Jesus, you can pray this prayer with me.

Dear Lord Jesus,
I come into your presence as a poor sinner. I realize the seriousness of this issue and want to be cleansed from all my sins. I believe that, only your blood can wash me off my sins and can give me eternal life in heaven. So please Jesus, wash me by your blood. Cleanse me and make me whole. I humbly accept you as my personal savior. I invite you into my heart. Come and stay in me. Lead me and guide me till I meet you in Heaven. In Jesus name I pray,

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