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Thursday, November 29, 2018

JESUS CHRIST the LAMB OF GOD . A Meditation John 1:29-34

1. John the next day professes Christ as the LAMB OF GOD which takes away the sins of the world. ( v29)
2. Again John exalts Christ that he is the one to be preferred.  (V30)
3. John came to baptise with water that CHRIST will be made manifest to Israel (v31)
4. John says, Christ was revealed to him after the holy spirit descended from heaven like a dove on him and ABODE on him. (V32-33)
5. It was revealed to John that CHRIST is the one who baptiseth with the Holy Spirit. (V33)
6. John bears record that CHRIST is the SON of God.  (V34)

Life Application:
1. How is CHRIST revealed to us?
2. Can we see him as the LAMB OF GOD which takes away the sins of the world?
3. How is our perception  in exalting Christ?
4. Are we clear with the roles God has given us in the Kingdom of God as compared to John as he baptised with water?
5. What is our perception of Baptism?
6. Did we receive the baptism in water as a symbol of remission of sins?
7. Did we experience the much higher standard of being baptised by the HOLY SPIRIT which only Jesus can give?
8. Do we bear record that  Christ is the SON of GOD?

My dear brothers and sisters,
If you are not assured of your sins being washed away by the blood of the LAMB OF GOD, jesus Christ of Nazareth, today is the day. Confess your sins and allow him to cleanse you by his blood.

If you are a Christian assured of this experience of salvation but still has not been water  immersion baptised, make a decision to get it done the way CHRIST has set an example for us.

After the water immersion baptism, if you have not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, ask and you shall receive. It is CHRIST who baptises you with fire. Ask and you shall receive  the Holy Spirit to the fullness of your joy.

May God bless you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The fullness of CHRIST: A Meditation John 1: 15-18

 1. John acknowledged that CHRIST is the one to be preferred. (V15)
2. Though CHRIST comes after him, he witnessed that CHRIST was there before him. (V15)
3. We have received more Grace because of  the fullness of CHRIST. (V16)
4. Moses has given law. But we get GRACE and truth through CHRIST. (V17). Law condemns. But Grace forgives. Law puts us in prison. But GRACE liberates us. (Romans 8:2)
5. CHRIST is the one that has come down from the bosom of the father. Hence nobody can reveal us the father more than CHRIST.  (V18)

Life application:
1. Are we acknowledging that CHRIST is the one to be preferred or are we trying to steal his glory.?(v15)
2. Are we willing to lift CHRIST higher or are we trying to lift ourselves?(v15)
3. Do we walk in the fullness of Grace in Christ or still condemning ourselves not trusting God's Grace? V16
4. Are we still under the law of Moses or Are we walking in the liberty of CHRIST? (V17)
5. Do we have a thirst to know more about the father through CHRIST JESUS. ? (V18)