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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Greater is he who is in you than the one in the world

The brain washing has been going on for weeks, upto 14 hours a day, 48 hours straight in one occasion. yet the man held his ground and he would not yield. The place was a Communist prison camp in China in the early 1950s. the man being tortured for christ`s sake is a radiant Chinese Christian. Finally after repeated mockery, grilling and torture the Christian told his oppressors: "you are wasting your time, sirs. My faith is rooted than any torture you might inflict upon me. It is rooted eternally in God`s son Jesus Christ".

Furious, the Communist indoctrinator slapped him across the face and screamed,''drop to your knees! Drop to your knees and pray. because in 3 minutes we are going to put a bullet through your head.!" While the indoctrinator, an armed guard and fifty more of the man`s fellow prisoners looked on,he did as he was told.

"Lord" the man began to pray,"I thank you for the peace that is within my heart. I thank you for the faith which makes it possible for me to believe that, inspite of my oppressors, my my heavenly father sits up on the throne, able at any moment to silent forever the lips that blaspheme His name. Lord, at this moment, You are able to prove your power to these two men. You are able to show yourself to be God. In a moment Your power could strike these men dead and -----"

But he did`nt get to finish his prayer;for gasping with pain,the two communists, the indoctrinator and the guard fell simultaneously to the floor. in a few hours, both of them were dead. The Christian was set free and lived unmolested with his family ever after.

This incident was personally reported by Rev. Leslie Millen, long a CIM missionary in China, during his own imprisonment by the communists.