Tuesday, May 8, 2018

333 - your helpline 24/7 - Jeremiah 33:3

Dearly beloved in Christ,
I am writing this after careful consideration on what can a humble and simple prayer can do. We all go through difficulties and at times we are lost. We don't know where to go and whom to turn.
Here is someone whom you can turn to...better than any 999 .You can call unto him whenever or whatever be your trouble. This word of God came to Jeremiah when he was shut in the prison... when no help came from man and as a person forgotten and left to die.
You may be in your worst shape. People whom you trusted could have ditched you... rejection might be banging you on all sides. You might be shut behind the bars of fear, guilt and anxiety. Here comes the word of God directed straight to your heart.. CALL UNTO JESUS in the day of your trouble and he will deliver you and show you great and mighty things that though knowest not... He will show himself to you. He will deliver you and you will glorify his name. Be blessed.

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