Wednesday, December 5, 2012

24 He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.
1 Thessalonians 5:24

 I heard about the life of a man named John Clarke, who went as a missionary to the remote parts of the African jungle to do the Lord`s ministry. There was not one white man within hundreds of miles and not even a government outpost to run for help, near that place. It was at this time, his wife Mina ,was burning with a tropical fever, with nobody to help them around.
She put a strange request to him , that she needed three ripe tomatoes, and that it will give the necessary nourishment to sustain her, till help comes.

But to their dismay,  as far as he knew , there were`nt ripe tomatoes in the whole of Belgian Congo. There might be some canned tomatoes in a distant outpost, but never ripe ones. They just did not grow tomatoes in that part of Africa.John Clarke was so troubled with all sought of questions in his mind. Why did the Lord allow his Wife to suffer so, to approach death with no hope of a doctor`s help for another week? Perhaps, they should not have come to this lonesome jungle. Why in the world , had they ever come to Africa? But no! that was doubting God. He had sent them there, blessed their work, souls were saved and a native church was built.Surely, God wanted them to be there.Then why?

Steadily the tropical fever was sapping out her life from Mina Clarke.By nightfall she was too weak to talk and all that she could do is to moan and whisper. In agony of spirit, John Clarke  heard that dying request -three ripe tomatoes.He would go to any extreme to get those three ripe tomatoes,if it is humanly possible.

It was at this time, he was visited by a bush - woman in a familiar tribal dress , who wanted to see him.Questioning her, he found that she was a bush- woman from the tribe he visited last month and she had been sent to him for advice, if they can eat this queer fruit, that she had grown from the seeds left to them by a white man, as food was scarce in their place that summer.As John Clarke peered into the basket he almost cried out of joy. for their in that basket was - Three ripe tomatoes, and the woman also said that she had more of them.These tomatoes came as an answer for Mina`s prayer and as a rebuke to his doubts, from the seeds that was sown months before, as a providence from God.

Mina Clarke ate those tomatoes and lived till the doctor came with the healing medicine,lived for a successful ministry through the appearance of the three ripe tomatoes , planted, raised and ripened at the right time by the hand of the all-wise God.This story is retrieved from miracles and melodies.

Our God is a faithful God and he will never let us go......
Though the storms may come and the winds may blow,
he will never let go our hands.